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At STAPLES, we believe in creating the ideal environment for applying the skills you already have, while putting at your disposal a variety of development tools and programs to contribute to your professional growth and help you take your career to new levels.

In addition to retail-based positions, STAPLES offers multiple corporate career opportunities in a variety of fields.

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The Human Resources department at STAPLES is dedicated to the development and implementation of programs and processes that assist in the attraction of high quality candidates, as well as the retention, engagement and development of STAPLES associates. The HR group encompasses a number of different functions including Field Human Resources, Health, Safety and Wellness, Compensation, HRIS Analytics, Learning & Development, Organizational Development, Recruitment and Internal Communications.

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HRIS Assistant

Assisting in the operations and support for the Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and processing all HR related information for approximately 15,000 associates across Canada, you will be an integral member of the Compensation & HRIS team. A flexible team player who is eager to learn and driven by results, you will provide superior customer service through application support and the preparation and distribution of various reports to all levels of the organization. Your excellent organizational skills and attention to detail will be essential in assisting with data maintenance, filing, information distribution and various administrative audit processes.

Compensation Representative

As an essential part of the Compensation & HRIS team, you will be the key contact responsible for providing compensation information for hourly/salaried store and call centre/warehouse compensation programs. You will also develop your analytical skills participating in compensation analytics and recommending improvements to compensation programs.

Compensation Analyst/ Sr. Compensation Analyst

Put your experience to work managing the research, analysis, development, implementation and administration of national compensation programs. Take the lead organizing a variety of projects, and managing all areas of compensation policy, practices and administration using your superior customer service skills to provide a high level of support to your client group. You will also be responsible for compiling and analyzing data from multiple sources and proposing informed improvements to programs and processes. As you transition from the role of analyst to senior analyst, you will gain essential experience to help you reach a managerial level.

HRIS Analyst/Project Lead

Your excellent project management skills aren't just streamlined they're sleek. Apply them to the critical task of executing system maintenance initiatives and functionality enhancements for several Human Resources systems. A skill for logistics will ensure that all HRIS projects are kept on track and delivered on time and on budget. Your ability to build strong relationships will help you collaborate seamlessly with multiple cross-functional project teams, functional user groups and external vendors.

Compensation Manager, Canadian Retail or Delivery

Lead the compensation and market analysis for the business using your strength in innovation to look for opportunities to create and update programs and policies. As your team of Analysts monitor internal equity with respect to compensation and rewards programs, the direction you provide will ensure they deliver excellent guidance and service to internal customers.

Compensation & HRIS Director

Tapping into your creativity and passion for compensation and rewards programs will assist the organization in providing our associates with a competitive level of pay, motivation and rewards that allows us to maintain our edge over other retailers. Your diverse knowledge of policies and legislative issues will enable you to advise colleagues and executives as required. An understanding of HR-specific technology is crucial as you will be responsible for ensuring the department has the correct systems in place to maximize productivity.

HR Generalist/Consultant

Collaboration and communication are your strong suits, which you will demonstrate by working with management and non-management colleagues to identify issues that may affect associate engagement and effectiveness, and assess opportunities for improvement. You will build awareness of various HR programs and act as a resource for associates. You will also assist in facilitating various learning and development programs, which requires excellent organizational and logistical skills. One of your key focuses will be the Internal Management Development Program, and you will be involved in coordinating program activities and actively promoting the program in the field. As you move from generalist to consultant, you will gain the strategic experience to advance to the managerial level.

HR Manager

The HR Manager uses their expertise in the area of associate relations to analyze issues which may affect associate engagement and effectiveness and make recommendations to effect positive change. You will also proactively construct and implement plans that will further strengthen associate commitment and productivity. Leadership skills are essential as you will be responsible for coaching and mentoring your direct reports. Experience in facilitation will be a great asset as you will deliver various educational programs. You will also provide feedback and recommendations to the corporate training team on developmental needs, trends within the field and course materials.

Regional HR Director

Providing leadership and strategic consulting to all retail managers in your business unit you will lead your team in effectively managing all people-related functions, including talent development, associate relations, recruitment and training. Fostering a collaborative environment with your fellow management colleagues you will develop, implement and evaluate HR programs and initiatives to meet business needs. You will use your excellent leadership skills to coach and mentor HR team members and manage their performance, ensuring continuous improvement and development. You will lead succession planning initiatives to fulfill regional management requirements, prioritizing talent acquisition and development plans to fill critical positions linked to business success.

Our Merchandising teams – Retail and Online - work with over 100 Vendors to bring the best possible assortment of products to our Customers. The team also negotiates promotions and pricing, and determines where in the store they should be placed. Staples is known as the Retailer for Businesses, but we also have a large, dedicated consumer and student base that makes the Back to School season the busiest time of the year for us! Staples is also proud to be the #2 Online Retailer from a global perspective, carrying over 10,000 skews for our customers to choose from. Groups within the retail merchandising team include Category Management, Staples Private Label, Signage, Importing, Space Planning and Analysis, Technical Services, Copy & Print, and Merchandise Training.

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Custom Order Specialist

In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, we need to have the products they want, when they want them. Your knack for research will help you quickly source the necessary item. You will then use your ability to negotiate to secure a fair price from the supplier. In addition, your logistical skills will also be in play as you make all the necessary arrangements to get the product into the customer's hands as quickly as possible.

Parts Order Specialist

When a customer brings a computer to us for repair, our main goal is to deliver high-quality work within a quick turnaround time. You will be the key to making that happen. Your knowledge of the latest technology will guide you in ordering the most-needed parts, and your mastery of logistics will make sure they arrive on time and stay in stock. An aptitude for research will help you consistently source the necessary parts and your negotiation skills will ensure a fair price from the supplier.


Every product has an optimal place on our store shelves, and you will know exactly where that is. Working with various retail and merchandising colleagues, you will use your extensive knowledge of space management, as well as your flair for visual dynamics and presentation, to develop plan-o-grams that are customer friendly, profitable and easy for stores to execute and maintain. Company presentation standards and financial objectives will be top of mind as you create plan-o-grams that will maximize sales and minimize inventory investment.

Category Specialist

Exercising your mastery of logistics you will collaborate with your category manager to review and select products and make sure they get to the stores or fulfillment centers on time. Your negotiation skills will also be called upon to secure fair prices from suppliers. Excellence in communication and follow-up are crucial, since you will be required to proactively disseminate information to your vendors and internal clients, and respond to any enquiries that come up along the way. Creatively inclined, you will be involved in the development of displays, flyers, special promotions and other advertising material.

Associate Category Manager

Building on your career in merchandising you are ready for a pivotal role working closely with the Category Manager on all aspects of managing and developing product categories. Leveraging your financial acumen you will negotiate cost-effective pricing agreements with vendors and set product pricing that maximize sales and profit. You will make sure we carry everything our customers need using your knowledge of the industry and marketplace to evaluate and source new product, and regularly review and adjust your product mix . Exhibiting solid coaching skills, you will be responsible for training and mentoring the Category or Custom Order Specialist under your supervision.

Category Manager

Combine your industry and merchandising savvy with your passion and experience to take ownership of categories and work to bring them to the forefront of the business. By constantly analyzing the market you will make sure the product assortment is up to date and meeting our customers' needs. You will work closely with vendors to negotiate competitive pricing and obtain funding and support for various promotional opportunities. Coaching skills are essential for directing your Category Specialists in reviewing and purchasing products and managing inventory levels. The Marketing department will collaborate with you on strategies to create displays, flyers, special promotions and other advertising vehicles that will make your products fly out the door.

Merchandising Director

As the authority on all product lines in your division, you will direct and support your team in managing their various categories to generate maximum sales and margin dollars. By engaging your staff you will inspire them to achieve corporate goals and objectives in all areas of merchandising. You will create and sustain winning relationships with suppliers while you oversee and maintain supplier terms and agreements. With your proven ability to develop strategic objectives and manage their execution, you will guarantee success by reaching profit targets, and achieving complete market penetration of product categories.

The mission of the Information Technology department is to ensure the effective flow of information and communication across the company. There are several segments within the IT structure, including:

  • Networking team, responsible for implementing computer and telecom systems
  • Support Service team, responsible for troubleshooting problems related to computers and systems
  • Programming team, responsible for programming and upgrading our systems

Where on the career path will you come in? Click below and discover the role that matches your experience and interests!

Support Service Analyst

Extensive technical knowledge and excellent customer service skills will be the key drivers of your success. Your main responsibility will be to provide full support to store associates on all of their systems and equipment. You will also work with home office groups and assorted vendors to maintain all of the current systems and arrange upgrades and new installations as necessary. A sense of urgency and the ability to take initiative are important, as your input regarding enhancements and improvements will be sought.

Team Leader, Support Services

Accountable for all the day-to-day operations of the support centre, you will coordinate activities in support of all systems (hardware, software and services) for both the retail and home office domains. This includes assisting all associates in identifying and resolving problems, issuing operational information and initiating required repairs. Leading a team of analysts under your direct supervision you will provide direction, assign tasks and support their results. You will use your technical knowledge in collaboration with your managers to ensure the right level of documentation and information is available to the support team.

Manager of Support Services

You will oversee the execution of all support activities and projects for both the retail and home office domains. This includes assisting your team in identifying and resolving problems, and ensuring all key projects are completed on time and on budget. Your extensive technical knowledge will guide you in collaborating with your team leaders to make sure all essential documentation and information is available to your department.

Director of I.T.

If you want to get technical, your job will be to develop, support and implement systems and application solutions for all functional areas of the company. As a Director, you will also be expected to coach and motivate your direct reports, evaluate their skills and determine the training and education needs for your entire team. Driven by your technical expertise and your ability to communicate solutions you will collaborate with colleagues, executives and external vendors to execute new systems and provide improvements to existing ones.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Innovative analytical thinking and sharp attention to detail will help you support application development through the planning, development, maintenance and execution of quality management activities. By regularly collaborating with your team manager and developers you will carry out many job functions such as testing and integration.

Programmer/Sr. Programmer

Apply your solid technical skill and experience designing, creating and maintaining moderate to complex custom-developed order entry and customer service applications software. Understanding your industry, you possess the competencies to support cross platform interfaces, and the organizational and logistical skills to manage cross-functional projects while facilitating multiple business processes. An effective collaborator, your ability to communicate will help you lead and coordinate resources on assigned projects to meet business requirements.

Technical Team Lead/Manager of Applications

Leading a team of developers and technical experts, you will direct the successful and timely implementation of all required maintenance and enhancements to supported PC applications. You will manage your team on all initiatives involving testing and system maintenance and make sure all necessary follow-ups happen in a prompt and customer-friendly manner. With your solid communication skills you will be able to collect the right level of technical documentation and information for the team.


If you want to get technical, your job will be to develop, support and implement systems and application solutions for all functional areas of the company. As a Director, you will also be expected to coach and motivate your direct reports, evaluate their skills and determine the training and education needs for your entire team. Driven by your technical expertise and your ability to communicate solutions you will collaborate with colleagues, executives and external vendors to execute new systems and provide improvements to existing ones.

The mission of our Marketing team is to understand our customers and ensure they know how we can meet their small to medium size business and/or consumer needs. We deliver on this promise by providing 3 ways to shop for STAPLES products and services: Retail Stores, Online (www.Staples.ca) and through our Catalogue.

Where on the career path will you come in? Click below and discover the role that matches your experience and interests!

Retail Store Marketing

The Retail Marketing department has a few different functions that work with the entire business to build market share across the country. This talented group of associates includes the Advertising & Creative team, Innovation and Market Research, Direct Marketing & Loyalty Programs, as well as Public Relations.


Online Marketing

The Online Marketing team is responsible for creating customer acquisition and development strategies, as well as developing and managing the execution of marketing programs and campaigns for both online and offline programs. The analysis of our marketing programs and customized customer level programs are also an integral component that makes up the Online Marketing team.



Marketing Specialist

Equipped with a solid business and marketing background, you have a wide range of knowledge and skills that will enhance our online or retail divisions. Drawing on your organizational abilities as well as your strength as both a collaborator and a communicator you will develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans and campaigns designed to achieve the targeted goals of your department. You will also use your analytical skills to measure the impact of your projects and implement future improvements.

Marketing Manager

Apply your ability to think strategically and take the lead developing, executing and optimizing all marketing campaigns and programs for the retail or online/print business units. Your tactical strength will be essential to your successful management of the various marketing programs under your direction. Analytical skills will be required to review and assess the results of your campaigns and implement changes based on your findings going forward. Your collaborative work style will help you work closely with colleagues across several departments, as well as store management and external vendors. Leadership is also a large part of this role and you will be responsible for managing the daily activities of your team of specialists.

Director of Marketing

Through the expert development, management and execution of all marketing initiatives you will support the goals of your retail or online/print business unit. Identifying ways to acquire new customers and maintain existing relationships is a key function of this role, and your success will depend on your strong strategic thinking and research and analytical skills. You will determine objectives for your division and then lead your team in the design and implementation of campaigns that will help meet them. Knowledge of the industry and market will help you identify and establish new business opportunities and partnerships that drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Content Specialist Web/Print

Using your vast product knowledge and attention to detail to create and maintain online and print product content, you will ensure your product presentations are clear, concise and easy for customers to understand. You will compile information and images from a variety of sources, and then manage the review, verification and publication of that content. Ultimately your task is to take ownership of your products and continually refine your content in order to enhance sales.

Online Creative Specialist

Driven by your creative talents and technical expertise you will lead Web-based design projects supporting corporate and retail initiatives for the company's ecommerce site, Staples.ca. A strong understanding of graphic design is key, as you will handle your assignments from conception to completion. You will also make sure that the STAPLES brand and company objectives are accurately represented and incorporated across all online marketing efforts. The ability to collaborate is essential, as you will be working collectively with other associates and departments, as well as various stakeholders to ensure their needs are met.

E-Commerce Manager

Exceptional digital savvy and strategic vision will drive you in managing all operations for both the Staples.ca and CorporateAdvantage.ca websites, including online content and email campaigns. You will spearhead web optimization initiatives to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. With a business and marketing background to direct you in reaching your objectives, you will evaluate and measure the effectiveness of various print, online and email programs and promotions, and provide solid recommendations to drive web sales. You recognize the importance of our brand messaging, and will ensure the integrity of our brand and its appropriate representation. Leadership abilities will be required to coach and develop your team in order to meet the collective goals of the department.

With over 330 stores across Canada, the Operations group works with our retail stores to ensure they are set up and running smoothly to provide a satisfying shopping experience for our customers. In addition to services such as Retail Communications, New Store Development, Customer Care, Process Improvement and Loss Prevention, the Operations group also facilitates a number of key programs including in-store Copy and Print, Online Merchandising, Technology Repair Depots, Easy Tech (for consumers) as well as Easy Tech 4business.

Associates and managers within the Operations group are located all across Canada (including regional offices, retail stores and the Richmond Hill head office).

Where on the career path will you come in? Click below and discover the role that matches your experience and interests!

Online Graphic Design Assistant

The OGD team delivers instant, personalized service via video conference to Copy and Print Centre customers. As the face of the OGD team, you will be the first point of contact for the customers so your ability to create a superior customer experience is paramount. You will process and release the daily design orders into production and exercise your consulting skills to inform the client of custom solutions relevant to their needs. You will also provide marketing and administrative support to the OGD Team as required.

Online Graphic Design Consultant

A creative flare and eye for design will allow you to conceptualize unique and creative solutions that meet our customers' needs. Offering custom design solutions for our customers' business or personal documents you will employ Inspired Selling and identify cross-selling opportunities where appropriate. You will assist clients through an interactive Web-camera medium allowing you to support multiple stores across Canada. Showcase your superior people skills by engaging with new and returning customers to fulfill your mandate of driving sales and building repeat business.

Online Graphic Design Supervisor

You have mastered the art of design and now you are ready to take the reins as Supervisor driving Copy & Print sales and service via the interactive video conference platform. As you progress through your career path and take on the role of 'expert', you will showcase your charismatic nature to build relationships and engage customers. As a Supervisor, you will lead the OGD Team to ensure the smooth operation of each shift and utilize your mentoring skills to offer one-on-one coaching and provide training and development support when necessary.

Graphic Design Sales Manager

An aptitude for design and strong leadership skills will help you excel in this exciting position. You will be tasked with developing the OGD program in each of the markets that we serve while recruiting, developing and leading a solid team by managing day-to-day operations and creatively driving sales.

Depot Tech Administrator

When a customer brings in a computer for repair, the Warranty Depot team ensures the highest standards of quality are met. Performing a range of administrative tasks, you will bring organized process and attention to detail making sure the entire computer repair function runs smoothly. Effective communication will be a key component to your success in this role as you respond professionally and promptly to all service related issues and priorities as they arise. You will be responsible for establishing and maintaining service excellence by assigning the highest priority to customer satisfaction and demonstrating quality in every aspect of your work.

Depot Technician (Computer Repairs)

Let your technical savvy drive the quality work you provide performing repairs, upgrades and diagnostics of computer products. Upholding the highest of professional standards when handling a customer's computer you will maintain confidentiality and ensure that upgrades and installations are accurately performed and adequately tested. You will also ensure that all commitments are met on a timely basis, which may include working various shifts including nights and weekends.

Manager, Warranty Depots

A strong understanding of technology will give you the edge you need to direct our national Warranty Depot network. The goal of developing cost-effective and customer-centric approaches to completing repairs is key in this position. You will manage the operations and business generation of the depots as well as develop new programs. All Regional Supervisors will be under your direct supervision and you will be responsible for providing positive and professional role modeling to your team.

Manager of Technical Services

Applying key technical skill and entrepreneurial knowhow you will successfully drive the operations and business generation of the in-store technical services business. Using your expertise to effectively implement new strategies in the field, you will ensure our existing and new tech service programs are of high-impact to the organization and will positively affect revenue/profit of the tech business. Through the leadership and coaching of District and Store Managers, you will conduct market, industry and technology research to identify new revenue streams and implement sales, service and margin enhancements to improve results.

The Finance department provides financial guidance, planning, risk analysis and support to every area of the business. The groups within the Finance team include Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll & Benefits, Sales Auditing, Inventory Control and Treasury. There are also Lean Six-Sigma (Process Improvement) teams that work with the entire business to streamline processes and efficiencies.

Where on the career path will you come in? Click below and discover the role that matches your experience and interests!

General Ledger Analyst

Attention to detail and strong knowledge of accounting principles and financial reporting will be your main assets in a reconciliation process that involves several levels of follow-up and verification. You will use your analytical skills to prepare monthly reports and then demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly and effectively by working with store management to resolve any issues. You will contribute to planning and innovation in the department providing regular input on process improvements to increase productivity.

General Ledger Supervisor

Executing your comprehensive knowledge of accounting principles and financial reporting you will lead your team in handling account reconciliations, receivables, month-end closing activities and special projects. Reporting and analysis play a large part in your responsibilities overseeing all day-to-day tasks and monthly projects such as the preparation of financial packages and month-end closing activities. You will consult with your manager to determine specified objectives for your team, and then work with them to achieve those goals. You may be required to liaise with government agencies and tax specialists to ensure legal requirements are met.

General Ledger Manager

Combining your strong leadership abilities and extensive financial and accounting experience you will ensure the department delivers timely and accurate information to all our internal customers. You will manage the range of reporting projects and month-end activities and ensure they are executed properly and on time. You will develop and manage your team's objectives and assist them in developing and communicating plans to achieve them. Your interpersonal skills will be called upon regularly in your dealings with our U.S. counterparts, internal customers, vendors and auditors.

Director of General Accounting

Bringing leadership and innovation to the General Ledger, Payroll and Sales Audit departments, you will oversee and guide your team in establishing goals that are in line to meet company objectives, and provide top-down coaching to make sure they are achieved. Representing your department on several cross-functional projects, you will secure the best interests of your team and the business. Using your innovative streak, the projects you develop and execute will increase the efficiency and productivity both within your department and company wide.

Accounts Payable Clerk

This is the perfect role for a data entry pro who wants to begin a career in finance. Your organizational skills are essential as you will be responsible for sorting and distributing all mail, invoices, cheques and other documents. You will use your follow-up skills to contact store associates to obtain missing information, resolve discrepancies and secure approvals.

Accounts Payable Analyst

Attention to detail will help you get the job done thoroughly reconciling vendor accounts. Using your strong interpersonal and communication skills to work in harmony with vendors on store, merchandising and accounting issues, you will quickly troubleshoot problems when any arise, and promptly and efficiently follow up on enquiries. The ability to train others will guide you in providing instructions to both colleagues and vendors, in order to improve and expedite the payment process.

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Leading a team of several analysts whose main job is to ensure that vendors are paid, you will coach and supervise your team to help them reach the goals you set for them. You will ensure your team is fully trained on processes and oriented to seek process improvements. You will be called upon for guidance and intervention when issues arise that cannot be resolved by the analysts. An accounting background will help you master the reporting component required of this role.

Accounts Payable Manager

Accounts Payable is a huge financial component of any company, and in the case of Staples, involves the management of millions of dollars of funds. You will be responsible for verifying and initiating payment for all company expenses and purchases, as well as weekly cheque runs. Leadership and coaching also play a large part in this role, as you will oversee and provide guidance and motivation to a large team of analysts and supervisors. You will also employ critical thinking and innovation to identify areas of process/system improvement and work to bring about the required changes. You will be required to regularly liaise with store management, vendors and merchandisers, so communication and follow-up skills are crucial to success in this position.

Director of Merchandise Accounting

Your main responsibility in this role will be to oversee all merchandise accounting, inventory control and results reporting. Critical thinking and analysis are also key assets that will help you achieve success in many of the functions of this position, while your financial acumen will aid you in budgeting and related components. You will be responsible for a large team of associates, so the ability to effectively lead and motivate is crucial. You will be required to work with a wide variety of groups and individuals, both internal and external, so strong collaboration skills are essential.

The Real Estate & Construction department is responsible for assessing and identifying new locations for Staples stores across Canada. The team responsible for making this happen includes Lease Administration, Store Design, Auto Cad & Construction Administration, and the Project Management team.

The Facilities department is also an integral part of this group and includes the Home Office Reception, the Mail Room, and our Repair and Maintenance team.

Where on the career path will you come in? Click below and discover the role that matches your experience and interests!

Construction Administrator

This cross-functional role is ideal for an ambitious multi-tasker who wants to pursue a career in real estate and construction. Your comprehension of technical specs and other details related to the installation of fixtures and other elements for our stores will help you determine needs and requirements for each case. Your logistical skills will help you order, stock and manage inventory, as well as make sure fixtures and other items reach their intended destinations. Excellence in communication and follow-up are crucial, as you will be the main vendor contact and liaison between several departments. A flair for innovation will help you assist in the development of new fixtures.

AutoCAD Assistant

Using your knowledge of the construction industry along with your analytical skills, you will extract and interpret information from photographs, documents, drawings and other sources to develop and maintain a store characteristic database. You will display your proficiency with CAD software by assisting in the preparation of store designs and layouts. Collaboration plays a large part in this role, as you will be required to work with colleagues in various departments to verify drawings and information.

Store Designer

Using your artistic talents coupled with your proficiency with CAD technology, you will be responsible for developing design solutions for expansions, renovations, new stores and other corporate initiatives. You will collaborate with your colleagues to review and communicate designs and plans and provide your input as required. Support will be provided to the AutoCAD assistant in extracting and interpreting information from photographs, documents, drawings and other sources to develop and maintain a store characteristic database.

Contruction Project Coordinator

Building on your top-notch project management and organizational skills, you will be in charge of overseeing multiple mid-size capital projects including expansions and renovations. Your knowledge of the industry and its requirements are crucial, as you will be tasked with ensuring completed projects satisfy both STAPLES' and industry standards. You will provide direction and information to a variety of colleagues as well as landlords and building officials, and conduct due diligence site checks as necessary.

Construction Project Manager

With well over 330 stores and plenty more to come, our scale and budget for construction projects is impressive. The successful Project Manager will keep on top of it all and make it look easy. You will manage our entire range of construction projects, ensuring their completion on time, on budget and to both STAPLES' and industry standards. Your aptitude for negotiation will be essential in your dealings with landlords, while your extensive knowledge of the industry and its requirements will guide you in liaising with tenant representatives, contractors, engineers, consultants and store management.

Director of Construction

As the director of our fast paced Construction department, you will spearhead your team of Project Managers and Coordinators in building, renovating, expanding and relocating our retail stores. Financial acumen and negotiation skills are essential, as you will develop and monitor budgets and manage the bidding process with third-party contractors. Your deep and methodical understanding of municipal standards and requirements will guide you in liaising with government officials to obtain necessary approvals. While you will be ultimately accountable for the bottom line, your strong coaching and role modeling will help you develop a top-notch team who will complete projects on deadline, on budget and in line with both STAPLES' and industry standards.